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Junior School

Home Learning


Mr Furzland's Reading Challenge:

Find the most relaxing place in your home to read your book. You could curl up under your covers or even sit outside in the sunshine. Remember to read for 20 minutes a day.

Mr McCarthy's Drawing Challenge:

This is a fantastic link to Marvel artist Will Sliney! Can you try and complete the drawing challenge?

Miss Richardson's Writing Challenge:

Think carefully about the picture and answer the questions below it. Write an adventure story using the image as inspiration. At which point in your story will you use this scene?

Miss Clark’s Grammar Challenge:

A noun is a person, place, thing or animal. Look around you: how many nouns can you see?

Write a list of five to ten nouns. Keep your list safe- you’ll need it next week!

Can you sort your nouns into common, abstract and proper nouns? Write a sentence with each noun.

Find out more about nouns here:  and here:


Mrs Collins’s Maths Challenge

Find different 2D and 3D shapes in your home. How could you present what you find?

Create a picture using different 2D shapes. How many different shapes can you include?

Take some boxes apart to look at the nets. Can you make your own net that folds into a 3D shape?

Keep playing Times Table Rockstars every day!


Mrs Bond & Mrs Pell’s Science Investigators

Can you identify the trees in our school/your garden?

Go for a walk and collect a leaf from each of the different trees (remember to not pull leaves off the trees and wash your hands). Take pictures of the different leaves, bark and trees.

Create a tree identification card for the trees you spot


Mrs Dillon’s Marvellous Musical Activities

Learn about pulse and rhythm with composer Anna Meredith.

First, watch the animated clip to practice finding the pulse and adding rhythm to music.

After watching the second clip from BBC Ten Pieces, have a go at making your body percussion composition.

Record the music that you make if you have a device able to do this.

Remember to ask your parent’s permission before going online.


Mrs Fleming’s Geography challenge

To create a poem or rhyme for an 8-point compass (North, North East, East, South East,

South, South West, West and North West) You could even have a go at making your own.

Just follow the link:


Mrs King’s PSHE challenge!

Talk about who is important in your family. Can you write and send a letter/email to someone in your family who you don’t see very often?


Mrs Doughty’s RE challenge!

Can you write a diary entry from Jesus' point of view on Palm Sunday? How would He have felt as He entered Jerusalem on the donkey? Was everyone happy to see Him?


Below are some fantastic links to home learning opportunities to potentially be completed during the school closures.

We know how much you love TTRS! Remember to log on using your username and password and have a go at learning your times tables!

The BBC Bitsize website has a huge wealth learning online learning opportunities for children across a range of subjects:


White Rose Maths have a fantastic website full of online home learning ideas for maths. Check it out at


Below are two links to groups that identify local events happening that you can attend. Thanks to Mrs Hurley for this :)

As you are aware we are a silver rights respecting school and we were very excited to see that UNICEF have released a fun game where children can learn about their rights. It is described as ...

Set in Latin America and the Caribbean; skateboard through an obstacle ridden old town, parkour your way to school, run to safety during extreme flooding, jump and
slide in a dark and dangerous city and rise to the top of the mountain for a final and unique interactive level, which harnesses your own voice. A powerful voice that has the right to be heard!
We attach the link to get the app if you want to continue to develop your child’s knowledge of the rights of the child.

Oxford Reading Buddy is a fantastic website full of awesome books to read and quizzes to take once you've finished reading them:

You all have a username and password - this was sent home with you in your exercise book before the school closed.


Joe Wicks has been providing fantastic PE opportunities for children each weekday to ensure they are getting their daily PE workout!


David Walliams is reading his books aloud for children to hear whilst the schools are closed. It is a fantastic opportunity to have daily story time at home.

CENTURY access codes for learning resources in English, maths and science, all aligned to the National Curriculum:

  • Year 3 - FZFU8A
  • Year 4 - FZFR4K
  • Year 5 - FZFX3S
  • Year 6 - FZFWA2


Science Fun at Home | Primary Science Teaching Trust

"The Primary Science Teaching Trust is working with Science Sparks to create activities for children to have some fun with science at home. Each two page sheet has activities that are: clear and simple, using household resources; accessible and manageable for all; fun for children and their families to do; linked to follow up activities."

Inspire at Home are aiming to put up a video for one of their brands each day as part of an “Inspire at Home” series (a little more exciting than the ‘stay at home’ we keep hearing on the news!).  The videos related to these brands:

  1. Fit4Kids ( – Health and Fitness: Theme: “Doing your Fit
  2. Professor Bubbleworks ( – Science and STEM: Theme “Science Fun in the home
  3. Mindful Minis ( – Mindfulness and Mental Health – “Mindful Minutes at Home
  4. BrainBusters ( – Maths Fun and Puzzles – “Riddle of the Day

Simply search “Instilling Inspiration” on YouTube, or click here:  Instilling Inspiration - YouTube Channel


A message from the foundation -

"With schools now closed across the United Kingdom in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Chelsea Foundation has launched a learning resource for people looking to keep their children active and engaged while at home.

The free resource, called Extra Time, has been shared with our school network and will use Chelsea players from across our men’s and women’s squads in a series of education activities focusing on fitness, literacy, maths and creativity. The 10-day education resource will feature different players each day and also include special challenges from Frank Lampard and Emma Hayes. Foundation head of education Sam Gaskin-Kemp said: ‘I am proud of the speed at which we have managed to pull this together.


The Foundation is committed to supporting the community and that doesn’t change despite the current situation. ‘The education team work with lots of schools and lots of pupils so we hope this resource will be put to good use and help keep children active and educated while at home. ‘We know children respond well to the Chelsea brand and engage with us while in the classroom or on the football pitch so this learning resource will allow them to do that from the safety of their own homes.’

Alternatively, you can download the workbooks on a daily basis by using the link below and view the PDF versions of the first two workbooks. Make sure you return here each day for the latest workbook."


To view workbooks daily please click here



Twinkl is a fantastic website that provides mountains of worksheets for children to complete whilst at home. They have generously provided these worksheets for free whilst the schools are closed. You will need to print these off in order to complete.

Some useful home learning packs are available here:


Music Mark have put together a really comprehensive list of all the different companies and groups providing free home learning resources here:

HMS have provided some excellent music resources to have fun with whilst at home - see the links below.

Worried about the coronavirus? This is a wonderful resource that explains it all to you :)