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Junior School

School Strategy Board

School Strategy Board members (formerly Governors) are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The GLF Trust Board delegates certain functions to School Strategy Boards (SSBs), which form the local governance level within GLF schools. Further information about governance at GLF Schools can be found here.

The role of the School Strategy Board (SSB) is absolutely key to the effectiveness of Frogmore Junior School.  SSB members provide strategic leadership and accountability. Individual SSB members may not act independently of the rest of the Board, decisions are the joint responsibility of the SSB.  

The role of the SSB is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  • set the aims and objectives for our school
  • set the policies for achieving our aims and objectives
  • set the targets for achieving our aims and objectives
  • monitor and evaluate the progress Frogmore Junior School is making towards achievement of their aims and objectives
  • be a source of challenge and support to the Executive Head Teacher (a critical friend)

Mr C McCarthy, Executive Head Teacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and leadership of the schools and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the SSB.

Please click here to view a copy of GLF Schools Register of Interests.

Interim Local Governing Body Meetings September 2018 to July 2019

Carl Mc Carthy

11 possible meetings, 1 absences 91% attendance

Gwyneth Long

11 possible meetings, no absences 100% attendance

Frances Radley

11 possible meetings, 4 absences 64% attendance

Emma Richardson

11 possible meetings, no absences 100% attendance

Fiona Hyam

11 possible meetings, no absences 100% attendance

Kerstine Simleit

11 possible meetings, 2 absences 82% attendance

Danielle Cowley

11 possible meetings, 3 absences 67% attendance

Tracy Jeffery

11 possible meeting, no absences 100% attendance